Please take the time to watch this video and spread the word. Seriously. Please. I came across it last night and he made me cry. For just a few short minutes, he opens up his heart and gives us a glimpse of his short life; his pain and his suffering.

He’s an inspiration, but he also just shows what’s wrong with the world at the moment: One of the silent majority who has decided to speak out about what he experiences every day.

If you do anything today, please do this and I dare you not to be moved by him!

So, Would You Snog, Marry or Avoid me?

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How old were you when you lost your virginity?
from Anonymous

I was 17 when I first had sex with another guy (the first half of 1999 was a mad time for me); a friend and then boyfriend, called Richard. He was the same age as me and although we only together for a few days (it carried on for about another 6 weeks, but long-distance), he was my first.

However, although I’ve been in relationship with one or two guys since then, they’ve never really lasted that long (a few weeks at a time), nor have I ever done anal with anyone.

Its not something that many people realise/think about gay guys: Not all of us like anal sex. For me, its always scared me and I’ve never been with someone I trust enough to try it. Its not something I regret by any means, but maybe one day if I find the one for me and I may then be willing to try it.

(You wanted honest and nothing off-limits, well there you go!)

Feel free to keep asking! :)

Do your parents know you're gay?
from Anonymous

Yep. And I think this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I had no idea what would happen, how they would react, anything. To have to say “I’m Gay” without knowing if I’ll be kicked out of the house, beaten or embraced with love is beyond frightening.

Unfortunately, I came out at school thinking it would be no big deal. A few friends would know, well the class I was in at the time, but that would be it. Within hours it had spread around half-a-dozen schools in the area (was just at time when the first PAYG phones were out so people could text/call each other), and every pupil in ours knew (including my brother who never found it out from me, but has since forgiven me for that).

I had never expected that and as such for the next week I dreaded going home - did my parents find out from my brother, did they overhear someone talking about it in Tesco’s, etc.? At the end of the week, I really couldn’t take it any more.

We all sat down at the table for tea and ate. I said nothing, and afterwards my parents washed up while my brother went upstairs, still I said nothing. Even as my parents when shopping at Tesco’s, and an hour later when they came back I was still sat in the same place, silent. At that point through shear exhaustion, I came out.

They were great about it. Said they had suspected something, but they didn’t care. After a short conversation (which I don’t remember much of) I went up to my room and I think fell asleep.

In fact, later that year both my parents admited it was a little bit of a shock to them, but they knew instantly that they had to support me. My dad even said that after nearly 20 years in the Police, much of which was spent in Central London, he had seen homophobia and the damage and hurt it causes, and vowed to protect me if I needed it. My mother had a few gay friends when she was younger in the 80s and supported many of her friends through difficult times too. They just never expected it would be me that was gay too; I never gave them any inkling that I was that way inclined.

it took a while for them a while to come to terms with it themselves, but they (and my brother) still support me to this day and I love them all with all my heart; nothing has really changed between us, despite this.

How old were you when you realised you were gay?
from Anonymous

Looking back, I was probably around 11 when I started to like boys. There wasn’t a realisation at the time as initially it seamed normal; I didn’t know what gay was nor saw it as a label or understood the significance of liking boys. However, around 12 I moved with my parents to a new town and a new school, and the people there were different. I just got a feeling it wasn’t right; so for the next four years I completely switched off that side of me.

I never had a girlfriend, fancied a girl or really even talked to one. I was friends with a couple of guys through my senior-school years and for a while that was fine. It wasn’t until I was about 16 that my gay side started to push back. Towards the end of 1998 I started to accept that I was gay, especially after speaking with people on-line who were gay as well.

I eventually came out a few weeks after my 17th birthday in 1999 to the school after a bit of a drunken accident at a party forced my hand. For alot of people it was a shock, both for the fact that I was gay and that I had come out.

It was a very different time back then unfortunately and it took me a long time to go from knowing, to realising and then to acknowledging being gay. And although I probably regret not coming out sooner, coming out at school when I did was almost unheard-of at the time, let aloneat the ages some of boys come out at now.

Honesty Hour. No questions are deleted. Nothing is off limits. Ask me anything. Though one wonders if I'll grow to regret this now! lol

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I’ve been following this a lot since the news started breaking on Wednesday and it just moves me. I know in the USA there’s a lot of issue with LGBTQ youth in schools (to which almost anyone with power is largely ignoring), but I think this case is even more significant. Not least because it’s another in a long list of cries for help and/or release, but because for a short time, he had his brief, actual hope.

Despite his hardship for so long at the end of last year and the start of this, he started to see light at the end of the tunnel. Through family, friends, counselling and his music (with tribute to Lady GaGa there), saw hope, so much so that he recorded his own ‘It Gets Better’ video (this video). You can see the pain he’s been through when he talks and even though he is young he wants to pass a true message from someone going through it back out to those that need it.

Four months later, he killed himself.

All this hope, promise and belief that he managed to find in himself once again was taken way, beyond the point of no return, and one final sleep was the only way out he could now see.

All around this world, this must stop. The ignorance portrayed, and the hate give out, by Religion/the Religious or by those who see the world built around their morals, especially in those countries that consider themselves free and civilised, is really angering me. I know there are exceptions to the rule, and I know that there are those with faith that do truly follow the tenants of love, life and tolerance, but something must now give.

To those that use nothing more than belief and ignorance to perpetuate their hate, yet preach love, and want nothing more than to enforce their morals on everyone while at the same time extolling the virtues of freedom and choice - this boy’s blood is on your hands, along with all those before and any in the future that suffer this emptiness (although I hope with all my heart we are so close to the end).

I know my words can never mean much to him now and probably as a single person, my abilities to change the world, or even a small bit of it, are limited, but for as long as it takes, I will stand with those who are bullied or victimised for something they didn’t choose and is simple a part of who they are.

Dear Bullies,

There are people who are white, there are people who are black, there are people who are Latino/a, there are people who are Asian, there are people who are Australian, there are people who areBritish, there are people who are Icelandic, there are people who are gay, there are people who arestraight, there are people who are bisexual, there are people who are lesbian, there are people who are pansexual, there are people who are just plain sexual, there are transgender people, and there are cysgender people (in short, not trans), there are people who are asexual, there are people who are beautiful, there are people who have frizzy hair, there are people who have high cheekbones, there are people who have acne, there are people who are a little larger than most, there are people who are a little bit thinner than most, there are people who wear Lady Gaga tees, there are people who wear strictly Armani, there are people who rock out with their Crocs out, there are old people, there are young people, there are toddlers, there are people who are a collage of all of these identities whom we don’t know yet, because they are still in utero, there are people who boycott Starbucks, there are people who don’t know any other coffeeshops, there are people who work out five times a week, there are people training to be triathletes, there are people who have never seen a dumbell in their lives and have no plans to, there are people who can run five miles, there are people who can walk three meters, there are people who can’t walk at all, there are people whocan’t hear, see, smell, taste, who see colors as sounds and hear sounds in concepts and there are people who are majoring in philosophy and business and recreation and people who will bestereotype straight, fixing up the house on the weekends, and loving his kids, and there will be thegay men who consider homosexuality to be just another trait, and there will be gay men who will be the baddest fabulous-est queeniest bitches on the block, and there will be super butch and less butch lesbians, and there will be people will 1,000 friends on Facebook, and there will be people whoprefer the company of books, because books really GET them, and there are people who will marryand people who will sleep around, people who will marry a career, and people who will devote their lives to what they believe in. There will be people who are confident, but more often there are people who deep down, feel insecure, and not good enough, and though encompassed by a sea of people every single day, they feel alone. There are people who don’t know the meaning of the word “alone” at all, but I’ve never met one. There are seven billion people in the world, but above anything else, there are people, who are really just trying to get by.

So kindly lay off those people you think are weird. If you put that energy you are using to put someone else down into figuring out your own true identity, I promise you that, even for you, your life and your feelings of self worth will get better. And you know what? Maybe the world will be a better place.

R.I.P. Jamey Rodemeyer. Despite people telling you that you horrible and disgusting and wrong for your love, you were, are, and forever will be fucking perfect. I hope you can see that now, wherever you are.

I won’t take credit for this; written by Love, Sex and Ramen.

My view of Madeira as I came into Funchal yesterday on the Ferry from Porta Santo. So wonderful and dramatic. I’ve more of these to come, but it’s views like this that make this island fantastic and such a great place to visit.

The Oxford skyline on a glorious summers Sunday afternoon.

Distribution is not Murder with MCollective

I work as a Systems Administrator for a UK-based major music streaming website and we pride ourselves on our ability to grow efficiently and make extensive use of open-source tools and programs whenever possible.

We’re growing fast and although we haven’t reached the ceiling, some of the tools we used are tweaked versions of the ones developed when we had just a few servers. Knowing that there is this ceiling, and its approaching fast, I’ve been putting in some time recently researching on how to take it to the next level.

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This just about says it all really! :) #Yes2AV